Introducing the Real Change-Makers of Cannabis Medicine – The Mamas.

Introducing the Real Change-Makers of Cannabis Medicine – The Mamas.

The video below is one of our proudest moments from CannaTech 2017. It is a carefully crafted panel of women we gathered to share their very unique insights and contributions to our global understanding of cannabis medicine and pediatric care. We affectionately refer to this session as “The Mom’s Panel.”

And by “Moms” we mean: researcher, lobbyist, activist, law-maker, fighter, believer, teacher, change-maker, hero…that kind of “Mom.”  

We invite you to tune into the incredible stories of mothers Mieko Hester-Perez, Janie Maedler and Abigail Dar and their journey to treat their children with medical cannabis. The panel is moderated by Autism specialist, Tali Berman.

Prepare to be moved, to be educated and to be inspired.

“You have no idea how much attending Canna Tech 2017 has enriched my life as a mother and cannabis advocate.During the conference “Welcome “ I sat in my seat watching each speaker’s face come on the screen…when I saw my face I froze and began tearing up. I’ve been fighting for our children for so long, I didn’t think anyone noticed. Thank you for noticing. I will never forgot this trip and the new friends I have made thanks to CannaTech’s amazing team.”

– Mieko Hester-Perez

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