VIDEO: What We’ve Learned About Medical Cannabis & Cancer

VIDEO: What We’ve Learned About Medical Cannabis & Cancer

Ever wondered about the connection between medical cannabis and cancer?

About two years ago, Dr. Meiri and his team at the Cancer Research lab at the Technion in Israel began to ask that multi-billion dollar question: “Are they any anti-cancer effects of cannabis?”

Dr. Meiri’s laboratory team, affectionately known as “Dedi’s Lab” have successfully treated cancer cells in vitro with cannabis causing apoptosis (cell suicide/death). These results have been shown in animal and in vitro tests for various cancer types including pancreas, brain and breast cancers. Their studies on cannabinoids, anti-tumor and antimetastatic actions are groundbreaking and lay the foundation for more study and possibly treatment options.

His work has influenced our global understanding of the mechanisms of cannabis as it relates to cancer, and the work of his lab in general is a solid block that is now the foundation for the medicalization of cannabis. 

We are very honored to share this CannaTech 2017 presentation from Dr. David “Dedi” Meiri Grab a pen a paper and get yourself comfortable, because this is top-shelf presentation. 

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  1. Please tell me you are accepting patients. I am a USCS member trying to get an operation going in AR for those I’ll to have access to Med. Marijuana now. The Fed Gov has everything stalled. I have a neighbor with stage 4 rare type cancer who needs treatment now. Please tell me how we can access research. Thank you, Mandi Clevenger RT(R)
    Jonesboro, AR

    1. I am also interested. Please reach out to me.

      My wife has a glioblastoma.

      Luke Ordway, Idaho USA

  2. Hello,

    I recently watched your video and had a question related to the doctors comments at 14:20 in the video.

    Referring to his comments about the strains “T98G” and “U87.

    My wife has a glioblastoma and access to cannabis is now an option.

    Like the previous comment, please share your research! I support you 1000%!!!!

  3. All l want for Christmas is confirmation that cannibus kills cancer and a few other major diceases

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