Saul Kaye

Ever since Saul can remember he has looked at a business and tried to break it down to understand it and figure out how to optimize it. He loves to improve a good idea and make it great. Saul understands that there is a fine balance between perfection and delivery – and drives hard to execute. 

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Rylie Maedler

In 2013, at the age of 7, Rylie was diagnosed with aggressive bone tumors that disintegrated her facial bones. Her mother, Janie, learned about the efficacy of cannabis oil against cancer and decided to give it to Rylie hoping it might help minimize her bone tumors and prevent recurrence. With the help of whole plant cannabis oil, Rylie defied everyone’s expectations. Rylie’s smile returned!

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Steven Turetsky

Steven Turetsky prides himself on being a ‘first generation’ cannabis professional – someone who began his career in cannabis during college as an academic pursuit and has continued to grow up in it as the industry too matures. Seven years later, Turetsky is the founder and principal consultant at Turetsky Consulting Group dba The Yalla Group. The passion that drives him forward amidst the everyday chaos of the industry is knowing that cannabis has the potential to be an incredibly potent driver of economic development worldwide.

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