January 20-21, 2020 Davos, Switzerland

Cannatech davos 2020 Venue & AccomModations


CannaTech cannabis house Davos 2020 in the heart of the Davos-Platz

The CannaTech Cannabis House at Davos is situated in the heart of the Davos-Plotz at the center of the action – where the crowds gather and events are happening during the week. The space will host educational and networking events dedicated to the global cannabis conversation; special sponsor events during the day and at night will keep participants busy.

Hotel accommodations in Kloster, Switzerland

Accommodations for CannaTech Cannabis House guests is in the quaint Alte Post Klosters Hotel at Doggilochstrasse 136, Klosters, Switzerland. Located outside Davos with the picturesque Swiss Alps in the background, Alte Post is the perfect venue for CannaTech attendees to recharge after working the Davos circuit.

Become part of the global cannabis conversation

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