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JUNE 15 - 16, 2020 | Tel Aviv Hilton

Carbon Off-Setting

CannaTech is committed to creating and running global cannabis events that make a positive social, cultural and environment impact. We started off-setting our carbon emissions during our 2019 Cape Town event and this year, at CannaTech Tel Aviv 2020, we are offsetting our carbon footprint in 3 critical ways:

Waste Management: We will have 3 separate waste systems – organic, glass bottles, and plastic – to promote recycling and reduce our landfill.

Human Generator: Attendees can hop on a power-producing bike to power up phones, vapes and blending fruit shakes. 

Carbon Off-Setting:  The event’s carbon emissions (including our speakers’ and attendees’flights will be offset by a contribution to One Tree, which works with Israeli schools to plant trees on residual urban and village lands. 

To offset the carbon emissions of your flight to Tel Aviv, select the $36 Carbon Offset add-on in the cart. For tickets.

The Good Energy Initiative is a Climate Changing Social Enterprise, operating since 2006. The initiative develops unique and innovative projects for the implementation of sustainable technologies and environmental performance, while achieving social gains.

The projects combines practical ecology together with education and publicity. We initiate and run our projects within educational institutions, rural and urban communities from Israel’s social and geographical periphery, nonprofit organizations, enterprises and businesses. Our fundamental goal is to increase human commitment to environmental protection. The central themes of our work include reducing the extraction and use of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) for energy, and reducing landfilling of various wastes in huge pits in the Negev. We received a beautiful world with Divine instructions to work it on the one hand, and sustain it on the other.  To learn more about the Good Energy Initiative visit the website.

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