CAPE TOWN presentations

November 24-26, 2019

November 24

Dr. Donald Abrams

Cannabis in Cancer Care

Prof. Shaul Lev-Ran

Psychiatric Outcomes of Cannabis Use: The Current State of Knowledge and Methodological Challenges

Wayne Robinson

Cannabis Product Development Processes

Matt Anderson

Mother Nature's Secret 'Sauce': Cannabis Derived Terpenes and the Importance of Whole Plant Extracts

Ruty Spier

Standards for Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Rick Trojan III

The Business of Hemp

Leanne Abramson

Demystifying GMP – Understanding the SA Licensing Environment

Tseli Khiba

Harmonisation of Medicinal Cannabis Laws: SADC Region Considerations

November 25

Lorne Gertner

A 360 Degree View of Cannabis

Stephen Murphy

Intelligence & Strategic Insight for the African Cannabis Market

Jonni Katz, Thom Antonio

Creating the Most Trustworthy Illegal Brand

Dr. Daniel Tumwine

Is Africa Ready for the Real Green Revolution?

Dr. Donald Abrams

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Report on the Report

Matthew Anderson

Quality Management for Compliant Cannabis Processing 

Prof. Shaul Lev-Ran

Cannabis Addiction: The Facts and the Fears

Pamela Hadfield

Cannabis: The “New” Disruptive Technology

Clifton Flack

CBD in Rugby and High Impact Sports

November 26

Rylie Maedler

Becoming a Voice of Pediatric Patients

Steven Turetsky

Power of the Plant: A Look at Hemp Genetics

Clara Norell

The Infinite Potential of Industrial Hemp

Rick Trojan III

International Hemp: Perspectives on Global Hemp Resurgence

Steven Turetsky

Power of the Plant: A Look at Hemp Genetics

Ras Ramon Benjahman Adams

African Land-Race Strains to Preventative Medicine in the 21st Century

Markus Hoffmann

Green Green Profits - Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation

Sibusiso Xaba

How Africa Can Attract the Right International Capital for the Cannabis Industry

Boris Blatnik

CBD and the Global Market

Tanner Stewart

Aquaponics: Sustainability at Scale

Duke Rodriguez

Advantages of the Vertical Integration Model

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