Introducing CannaTech UK’s Winner of Cannabis Innovation Pitch Event!

Introducing CannaTech UK’s Winner of Cannabis Innovation Pitch Event!

Our London Pitch event was exciting. The energy was high, the audience enthused and our expert panel of judges rocked it! We had an impressive bunch of investors who served as our judges, and they provided some powerful and very useful feedback to both the pitchers and the audience at large.

Pictured above, from left to right, Urban Smedey, Managing Director, Capital Markets, MJIC, Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of iCAN:israel-cannabis, Lorne Gertner, Chairman & Co-Founder of Tokyo Smoke, Jeff Dayton Member Relations of ArcView Investor Group and Chuck Rifici of Founder & CEO of Nesta Holding Co.

They were on the ball, sharp with feedback and quick to smile – giving the whole pitch event the feeling that you had a private invite to an exclusive dinner party.

Four hopeful entrepreneurs took to the CannaTech stage and did their best to share their mission and their message with our judges …we even had a surprise and comedic guest appearance from NBC Universal reality TV stars… care to Duber anyone?

It is our pleasure to introduce our CannaTechUK pitch event winner, Avihu Tamir of Kanabo Research. 

We checked in with Avihu to hear about how the experience was for him…here are some highlights from our interview:

Give us the overview: what is Kanabo?

Kanabo brings the option of medical grade vaporization to the world. Kanabo Research is a biotech company pioneering cutting edge solutions in the medical cannabis industry. We bring together decades of experience in some of the most important fields revolutionizing the medical world; including extraction technologies, medical devices, delivery systems and more.

What did you gain from your experience pitching at CannaTech?

I believe that CannaTech is the best way to spread the word about medicalization of cannabis; it is truly a disruptive event.

The event was great exposure for us and a really nice personal experience to have strong investors give direct feedback. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we received was that ‘less can really be more’. We were told that we had a lot of passion and knowledge, but we spoke about how our product is different than others in so many ways; our tech, our formulation, our manufacturing, distribution…but ultimately, we understood that we need to focus on one, maybe two things that we think are really unique and strong and use those as our key differentiatiors. That made a big impact on me.

Kanabo reseacrh cannatech picth event

So, what’s next for Kanabo?

Well, it’s interesting, because originally, when we decided to join the London event, we shared popular thinking that “Europe is not yet there with cannabis, and that there is no market.” But, there is a market. It may be a quieter, under the radar, low-THC market, but it’s there, and it’s alive and kicking in the UK and in Europe in general.

This is not something that our data had revealed originally, and it wasn’t on our road-map. But, after the CannaTech event, we’ve received a lot of requests for products and for distribution opportunity in Europe. So now, we are seriously considering creating specific formulation for the CBD focused market (under .02 % THC) that can be sold in the UK. So, we’d like to continue with this really good momentum.

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