Growing through the Storm – Cannabis-Inspired Mindfulness with Dr. Mark Braunstein 

Growing through the Storm – Cannabis-Inspired Mindfulness with Dr. Mark Braunstein 

What a stressful time this is for all of us. 

People across the globe have been affected by a new, severe, physical illness making the headlines. Perhaps the constant daily changes we’re all experiencing may take a greater toll on us all than the risk a novel illness may pose.  Where some will be negatively affected by physical pathology, the overwhelming majority of us are being negatively affected by the stress and anxiety that we are taking on because of the coronavirus. Mass quarantines are something recent generations have never had to deal with before. 

Because of quarantine measures, I’m separated from my son. Who knows how long that will go on and the emotional toll that will take on the family. Many people throughout the world are being confronted with the necessary self-isolation required to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, the psychological and emotional tolls of isolation can be quite steep, and might be more significant than what we may be prepared for. 

Many of us thrive in social settings, and are largely dependent upon personal contact with others to maintain business and personal relationships. Without mentioning the financial burdens we are all experiencing, there is a lot to be addressed when it comes to keeping our mental health in balance. 

At this critical junction for our global societies, we need to come together and support one another, perhaps to an extent that we’ve never even thought about before. Now is the time to talk more regularly, for more video calls, more online conferencing, and new and innovative ways to provide support and encouragement to those closest to us and to our wider, interconnected global community. 

Many of the most severely mentally ill, those with anxiety-related of PTSD-based challenges, and people at the biggest risk of developing anxiety disorders are alone at home. The toll the social isolation will take will be large from a mental health perspective.

We need to focus on wellness and self-preservation. Our focus needs to be on pulling from whatever resources we have available and put them into immediate action. 

We have to keep up on diet, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, and our interpersonal relationships. 

This is where cannabis can help!

Forget about toilet paper!

Stock up on flower, seeds, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and all things Ganja. 

If I have to be stuck inside cannabis definitely takes priority over toilet paper!

Now don’t just sit inside and overuse. Use with intention, tie your cannabis use to your meditation and self-care routine. Leverage off the catalytic power of cannabis to foster the creation of new ideas and solutions. Finding the motivation to do your wellness activities can be difficult. Let cannabis be your gateway to wellness. 

Use cannabis and get on Skype and talk to a friend. Smoke a bowl together and have a joint meditation. Use cannabis to exercise more consciously or cook a fantastic healing meal. You can spend this time learning to cook with cannabis. You even have time to start a cannabis plant from Clone or seed and keep yourself occupied growing. 

This is a fantastic time to start your own garden. 

In the midst of our global crisis, we can utilize this time to think about what type of society we would like to see emerge from the chaos. It is time for us to think about growing our own food, living intentionally, reducing our unnecessary and emotion-driven buying, and nurturing a new type of relationship with our planet, with the land we all depend on for food and plant-based medicine, and with one another. 

Now is the time to think about the value of rural communities, of intentional communities, of community-supported and organic agriculture. We need to get back to our roots and envision a return to a world in which we know the farmers who grow our food, where we grow as much as we can for our own needs in our own gardens, whether those are rooftop or balcony gardens, or turning our lawns into arrays of edible and medicinal plants. We need to re-learn what it means to be as self-sufficient as possible while also strengthening our community ties and learning to lean on each other again. 

So stay well, stay busy, and stay well-intentioned when it comes to developing your relationship with the cannabis you grow and utilize to improve your health and wellness. 

As we grow and learn from our challenges together, alongside CannaTech, I will be sharing more insights over the coming days and weeks about how to grow intentional communities across the world. The time for global transformation is now, and what we create is ultimately up to our intentions and our consciousness. If we take this time of introspection as an opportunity to rise higher and actively create a better world, we can emerge more conscious, stronger, more resilient and more mindful than ever before. 

With love, Dr. Mark Braunstein 

Dr. B is a whole health psychiatrist and frequent CannaTech presenter. He has been dialing in the use of medical cannabis for psychiatric conditions designing dosing protocols for different psychiatric conditions, making it easier for patients to shift from psychiatric drug dependence toward wellness. He now puts his years of experience as a psychonaut into practice legally using ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to… read more

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