CannaTech: Elevating the Global Cannabis Conversation

CannaTech: Elevating the Global Cannabis Conversation

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We receive hundreds of emails from people inquiring about the availability of medical cannabis in their part of the world. Many are seeking guidance about treatment options for their sister, their grandparent, themselves,or their child. With the emergence of medical cannabis programs around the globe, a clear pattern has taken hold…people are demanding better and safer health care options for themselves and their loved ones for a wide variety of health challenges.

While we do not believe that cannabis alone can cure all wounds, we do believe in the inherent healing potential in this plant and to that end, we make every effort to accelerate innovation in this field.

Cannabis is not any one thing; it is a plant, a medicine, a lifestyle, an outlier. And, it is quickly becoming a legitimate industry that is professionalizing quickly, with many moving parts that span the gamut from scientific development, local and international policy, economics, and human experience. The industry is medicine, science, research, finance, tech, agriculture, innovation, regulation, media and… the industry is patients.

The way we see it, all the advancements made in this unique and fast paced industry exist for a simple purpose: to promote and encourage the development of quality healthcare solutions worldwide for the people that need it most. It is with this intention that we have built CannaTech.

We are committed to the power of discovery and knowledge exchange, and our live events allow for that incredible experience to unfold in real time. Sit in on a session from a world class scientist as she shares her latest, groundbreaking research. Pull up a chair with a seasoned cannabis investor with holdings in public and private markets. Share a drink with international policy influencers and some of the best and brightest in the Australian cannabis ecosystem.

CannaTech is a backstage pass to two days of the most sophisticated global cannabis network in the world. A carefully designed event with your comfort and experience in mind. Our attendees have hailed from over 40 different countries and include doctors, health care professionals, representation from leading hospitals and research centers, advocacy groups, and seasoned cannabis industry investors – all joined with a singular focus: to discover what is and what’s next in cannabis.

Join us.  

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