CannaTech Davos: Stakeholders in a Better Future

CannaTech Davos: Stakeholders in a Better Future

CannaTech Davos

The global cannabis market has experienced a dramatic expansion over the past couple of years. In partnership with our Global Sponsors, the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), OTC Markets Group and KannaSwiss, the CannaTech Cannabis House in Davos highlights the positive economic role cannabis plays in supporting long-term global goals in trade and investment, social justice, healthcare, resource security and environmental protection. 


Situated in the heart of the global economy, CannaTech Davos is bringing cannabis stakeholders together to brainstorm cannabis solutions to world problems.

Five themes CannaTech Davos will address are:

1. Sustainability:

2019’s UN Climate Change Summit galvanized numerous businesses and governments to commit to environmental protection and sustainability. Hemp-derived fabric, plastic, concrete and other materials have the potential to address many world problems. From housing and food insecurity to climate change, cannabis is disrupting the global industrial complex – for the better. For example, from a fibre standpoint, hemp generates twice the amount of fibre per acre versus cotton, uses eight times less water and doesn’t require pesticides. With near limitless industrial applications, hemp can help.

2. Accountability:

Despite some lags, the cannabis industry can serve as an example of sustainable production practices. Initiatives and technology to promote sustainability, including reducing water and energy usage, reducing waste and packaging, and supporting environmental programs are cementing cannabis’ position as an earth-conscious industry. Adequate transparency and mechanisms for reporting further enable the industry to assess measurable progress towards social impact commitments, including accountability to medical cannabis patients. 

3. Social Equity and Inclusion:

CannaTech’s mission over the past five years has been to bring our platform to regions with an emerging cannabis economy to foster connections and deal flow. From Latin America to Africa, some of the countries with the greatest market potential are also home to some of the world’s most disenfranchised populations – in these parts of the world cannabis offers a huge impact investing opportunity. As Lesotho-based Advocate Tseli Khiba stated at CannaTech’s recent summit in South Africa:

“Cannabis can be used for development. There’s no reason why you cannot have a large scale commercial stance as well as an inclusive approach, which also takes into account the people that have been doing this on the ground for many years.”

4. Global Cooperation:

cannatech davos

The rapid growth of the industry has created a patchwork of law and regulation that can be a hurdle to international cooperation, trade and investment. One of the questions being addressed at CannaTech Davos is how to overcome hurdles and create a global industry strengthened by relationships and secure transacting. In the meeting place of the world’s greatest politicians, lawmakers, innovators and influencers, CannaTech Davos provides a significant opportunity to elevate the cannabis conversation to new heights and foster partnerships between diverse stakeholders. 

5. The Tech Revolution:

New technologies are generating rapid change across every industry. This ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ has the potential to improve global quality of life, including for cannabis stakeholders. Following the initial boom, the current winnowing of the cannabis industry is demonstrating that technological innovation is an indicator of longterm success. New technologies have a major impact on the cannabis industry, especially for medical cannabis patients. CannaTech’s deep understanding of cannabis technology and innovation will frame and enhance the conversation around this theme.

This is the global cannabis conversation.

This is CannaTech Davos. 

Join us in the CannaTech Cannabis House in Davos, the heart of global economics, alongside world-leading industry and government pavilions and amongst the most influential brands in the cannabis ecosystem.


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