CannaTech Cape Town Welcomes Southern Sky

CannaTech Cape Town Welcomes Southern Sky

CannaTech Cape Town cannabis summit

CannaTech is proud to announce that South African cannabis market leader, Southern Sky Group, will be a Platinum Sponsor at our upcoming Cape Town Cannabis Summit this November 24-26.

About Southern Sky

Southern Sky Group (formerly Southern Sun Pharma) is an Africa-focussed cannabis business. Southern Sky is led by a seasoned team of executives with a significant track record of building shareholder value both in North America and Africa.  With cannabis production licenses and operations across the continent, the recent launch of the high-end CBD retail store – Goodleaf – and the acquisition of Africanpure, a leading, local online CBD retailer, Southern Sky is uniquely positioned to supply the African and European market with premier cannabis products.

South African Cannabis Regulation

South Africa became the third country in Africa to legalise medical cannabis in February 2017. Last September, the country initiated legalising cannabis for personal recreational use, joining Uruguay and Canada at the forefront of the Green Rush. Final recreational cannabis regulation is still a grey area, but significant boosts in the sale and import of growing and manufacturing equipment, and the expansion of local cannabis-ready businesses indicates that stakeholders anticipate a cannabis boom.

This potential was augmented by the removal of cannabidiol (CBD) from South Africa’s drug scheduling system this May. For at least the next year, all products containing a daily dose of 20 mg of CBD or less will be fully legal. This exemption makes South Africa a fertile market for CBD products and the perfect location for CannaTech’s Cape Town cannabis summit.

The exemption of CBD is a dramatic regulatory change that is opening the floodgates for cannabis-derived products to enter the market. Capitalising on this transformational shift, Southern Sky is leveraging international innovation and local expertise to build out fully integrated cannabis cultivation and processing facilities.

CannaTech cannabis summit is going to Cape Town November 2019
CannaTech Global Cannabis Summit

  Goodleaf CBD Retail Stores Leading the Market

Following South Africa’s full legalization of CBD, Southern Sky’s retail arm Goodleaf, opened the country’s first high-end brick and mortar CBD store on May 31 in Cape Town. The flagship store offers a range of premium hemp-derived CBD products including vaporizers, tinctures and topicals from leading international brands.

Goodleaf is committed to offering highest standard, safe, natural, traceable, and legal products . Lab tested ensures maximum safety and that products are 100% THC free. In addition to locally produced brands, Goodleaf is the South African distributor for popular global products such as Cura Select and others.

In a press statement last month, Jonni Katz, Head of Brand and Retail for Southern Sky and CEO of Goodleaf stated:

 “We’re excited about what Goodleaf brings to the market. The flagship Goodleaf store offers consumers a well-curated and unique experience in an exclusive downtown space. This store will be the first of a number of premium cannabis stores that we intend to open in high-end retail locations across South Africa.”

The storefronts also provide educational and social venues: Goodleaf is more than just a retail store, it is an integral part of Africa’s growing cannabis industry. Goodleaf promotes product excellence, disseminates information, and curates an immersive experience for consumers. This makes the brand an ideal partner at CannaTech Cape Town’s cannabis summit.

Africanpure Acquisition Expands Southern Sky Footprint

Southern Sky is expanding the local South African cannabis ecosystem with its recent acquisition of Africanpure. Africanpure is a Cape Town-based company offering high-quality CBD oil products. The online retailer is known for its affiliation with South African Olympic Gold medal swimmer Roland Schoeman, nicknamed “The Rocket” for holding the world record in 50 metres freestyle. 

As Platinum Sponsors of the CannaTech Cape Town cannabis summit, Southern Sky will contribute to the positive growth of sub-Saharan Africa’s emerging cannabis ecosystem, while positioning South Africa at the centre of the global cannabis conversation.


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