Let’s Talk African Cannabis with Saul Kaye

Let’s Talk African Cannabis with Saul Kaye

CannaTech Global is bringing their premier cannabis convention to Cape Town, South Africa in November 2019 to shine a spotlight on the emerging African cannabis market.

Africa’s cannabis market is rapidly expanding with huge growth potential. This emerging  is attracting global industry stakeholders, making it the perfect place for CannaTech’s global cannabis convention.

CannaTech is an inside track to high potential cannabis investment opportunities. With five years of global cannabis deal-making experience, we can’t wait to expand our network to Africa.

Today we are talking with iCAN and CannaTech CEO, Saul Kaye, about why Africa is CannaTech’s next main-stage cannabis convention destination.

CannaTech presents the South African cannabis market
CannaTech is coming to Cape Town this November

Why did you choose Cape Town for the next CannaTech cannabis convention?

CannaTech is heading to Cape Town, South Africa at the end of November 2019 to highlight how the African cannabis industry is turning on in a really unique way. It’s incredible that in Africa, cannabis is looked at from a different perspective than anywhere in the world: it’s not just about the big business of cannabis, but also about how to protect the interests of local farmers and keep the industry sustainable. 

Countries in Africa like are Lesotho and Zimbabwe are issuing licenses to produce cannabis, but South Africa is the most stable economy on the continent and likely the one that will drive the emerging market.  Throughout Africa, governments are looking at how to maximize the potential profit and growth of regulated cannabis markets. Morocco, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone are all actively assessing their entry into the market.

What is the current African cannabis landscape?

In the near future,  Africa will be one of the main cost price producers of cannabis for the whole industry. This region has a good amount of sun, solid agricultural practices, and plenty of land and water. African cannabis will outstrip Canadian indoor production costs and African countries also have a thriving local market.

It’s important not to forget the local market. For example, in Israel, there is a lot of talk about export, export, export. But in a population of 9 million, it’s estimated that Israel has a market of 2 million cannabis consumers looking for a solution. It’s an oversight to ignore local consumers. 

In the near future,  Africa will be one of the main cost price producers of cannabis for the whole industry. This region has a good amount of sun, solid agricultural practices, and plenty of land and water.”

Africa is an interesting place for a few reasons: a long history of cannabis cultivation, a cultural acceptance of the plant, and a near-perfect climate. On a global level, Africa can offer a vast supply with low-cost production. These factors make the region a global player, and the companies we are seeing in Africa are positioning themselves for this.

For example, all the players in Africa seem to be building out their operations according to EUGMP medicinal standards – both on the grow and the production side. This will allow the African market to supply craft cultivation products to Europe.

South African cannabis in numbers
South Africa is leading the continent’s Green Rush

Will African cannabis businesses be at CannaTech?

The focus of our cannabis conventions is to highlight the local landscape. In the lead-up to CannaTech Cape Town this November, we’re seeing a significant number of  African brands coming online. Decriminalization in Africa, in South Africa particularly, is opening the continent to rapid entry into the global cannabis market. 

We’ll be meeting leading African influencers when we come to Cape Town and giving local businesses a platform to network with international cannabis companies and investors. We’ll also tackle the big issues facing the industry, like moving local growers from an illegal market to a legal market, expunging cannabis-related criminal records, and minimizing the carbon footprint of cannabis ventures. 

These are huge challenges facing our industry; in my experience, bringing smart people together to share opportunities, and solutions is a great way to approach challenges. This is something I’m very excited to be involved with.

CannaTech brings the biggest names in the industry together to make deals, find new opportunities, and propel the global cannabis conversation.

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  1. It’s amazing to see the impact that cannabis will have, not only on the African economy, for those that adopt cultivation, but also for the massive impact Africa will bring to the rest of the world! Exciting times!

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