CannaTech UK and the International Cannabis Ecosystem

CannaTech UK and the International Cannabis Ecosystem

There is no organism on this planet that is only one thing. Every “thing” is a composite – a symphony – of lots of different, moving parts. We call this phenomena an “ecosystem.” It is the framework that contains all these pieces and affords the view of how a particular community of different “things” interacts and functions together. Depending on how wide you zoom in or out of any particular ecosystem, you will find connectivity between pieces as wide and varied as a singular micro-organism, a plant bud and the calming of a human, neurological seizure. Understanding the interplay between all parts is really just a function of connecting all the dots.

Ecosystems speak to the heart of interconnectivity and collaboration, and is a guiding concept behind the production of CannaTech. Every time we produce a live CannaTech event, we look for the most influential organisms that the cannabis industry ecosystem has to offer and we invite them to share their strengths with our international guests. That is why when you join us at CannaTech UK, you will meet experts from the fields of cannabis medicine, plant science, government regulation, and IP, in addition to entrepreneurs, R&D specialists, Big Data collectors and seasoned investment mavens alike. This industry is made up of many, fast moving, unique, and invaluable pieces of the greater cannabis whole, who each have an essential role in the cannabis ecosystem. CannaTech is a thoughtfully curated collection of the best and brightest of those essential industry pieces.

We have already showcased some incredible solutions to very big issues in the cannabis space. From ingenious agricultural innovation, to unbelievable breakthroughs in the anti-cancer effects in cannabis, to real medical solutions for specific diseases, to unprecedented healing that ultimately lead to state-wide policy changes; all stories shared on our stage. 

CannaTech is a living and vibrant ecosystem, that provides an international platform for the real change-makers, innovators and influencers in this space to showcase their work, share what they know and collaborate with each other. CannaTech is the place to rise above the noise of mainstream cannabis enthusiasm and tap into a deeper narrative about the science and data driving innovation in medical cannabis. It is the opportunity to meet and connect with key players in this wholly dynamic industry and to see them on stage, showcasing their finest goods. It’s also the place to share a drink with them off stage, share some of your ideas in real time with the people who are making big, positive impact on the future of the global cannabis marketplace.

CannaTech is where the inner-workings of the ecosystem are revealed in real time. We welcome you to join us.

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