Top 5 Reasons to Attend Cannabis Conferences

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Cannabis Conferences

If you are starting out in cannabis, you may be wondering if there is value in going to conferences, meetups and other networking events. Taking time away from the office, traveling and cost may seem like drawbacks, but the big picture reveals huge benefits. Networking is actually one of the most important areas of focus for expanding or emerging cannabis businesses, and cannabis conferences provide the perfect setting for high-value networking.

While networking in any sphere is crucial, the cannabis industry is being built on relationships. The complexity of the regulatory landscape, the rapid progress of scientific research and the high number of new businesses make high-level cannabis conferences indispensable and contributes to the overall health of the industry.

CannaTech is celebrating 5 years of producing world-leading cannabis conferences expanding the global ecosystem, propelling innovation and guiding dialogue. With half a decade of events across every continent, CannaTech gets the value of conferences for cannabis. Today in our blog we are discussing the importance of attending B2B cannabis conferences.

What is a CannaTech conference like? check out the highlights from the November CannaTech cannabis conference in Cape Town, South Africa:

Today in our blog we are discussing the importance of attending B2B cannabis conferences.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Attend CannaTech Conferences:

1. Exchange Ideas

Actively seeking out networking opportunities offers a range of benefits, both to the individual cannabis professional and the entire cannabis ecosystem. One major benefit of a quality cannabis conference is promoting the exchange of ideas. By bringing a wide range of thought leaders, researchers and business people together, new concepts can be shared with relevant parties, promoting cooperation. This exchange propels innovation and growth. 

Check out Pablo Quiroga from Beyond Extraction speaking with CannaTech VP Joshua Berman on building the global cannabis ecosystem:


2. Raise Your Profile

Another advantage of cannabis conference networking is that it gets companies and brands in front of their target audience – most importantly to other businesses with partnership potential and high-value investors. More visibility means more connections and more connections translate to growth. When small, emerging businesses seize high-level networking opportunities, doors open that would otherwise have been inaccessible or remained shut. Networking events give companies the opportunity to see and be seen.

3. Troubleshoot

cannabis conference network

From exchanging information and brainstorming new directions to creating connections with well-positioned industry players,the power of networking is integral to the success of any cannabis business – and can also be an opportunity to crowdsource solutions to specific challenges. A network can act as a support system, helping to smooth any bumps in the road to corporate success. Airing shared roadblocks promotes cooperation and problem-solving, delivering targeted, novel solutions ahead of the curve.

4. Help Others

network partners cannabis conference

By sharing information, opinions, and challenges, network partners can assist each other while contributing to a broader ecosystem. It takes a village to raise a round of funding, and networks are the village of any business. When you help others, with specific advice, introductions, investment opportunities, or in any other way, the benefit is manifold. Lending support to members of your network helps raise your own corporate profile and contributes to propelling the industry forward for the mutual benefit of all involved. In the cannabis field, this benefit expands and multiplies, helping patients, researchers, and advocates as it ripples outward. So, pay it forward!

5. Stay Fresh

A high-quality cannabis conference showcases the most leading-edge content. From technology, emerging research, disruptive thought leadership, and mind-blowing marketing strategies, B2B conferences offer attendees an opportunity to keep up to date with all of the latest trends in their specific industries. In cannabis, the pace of change is extremely rapid. One important way to keep your finger on the pulse is to attend global, cannabis-specific confabs. 

CannaTech: Celebrating Five Years of Premier B2B Cannabis Conferences 

CannaTech is a high-level cannabis conference that brings together thought leaders, industry experts, leading-edge researchers and investors to accelerate cannabis innovation. Uniquely positioned as a deal-makers’ summit for the cannabis B2B set, CannaTech creates and expands the global cannabis ecosystem by fostering meaningful connections and getting the right people in the room to drive the industry forward. CannaTech events are ideal for any cannabis industry player actively seeking new opportunities.

CannaTech’s leading cannabis conference is coming back to Tel Aviv June 15-16 to showcase the best research, innovation and opportunities in global cannabis today. Tickets, speaker and sponsorship opportunities are currently available. 

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