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Matthew Anderson



Matt is dedicated to spiritual science and the belief plant-based medicines can truly heal. 

As Co-Founder/CEO of Vanguard Scientific Systems, one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end solutions for integrated botanical extraction and purification equipment and services, Matt is uniquely positioned to change how the world’s leading processing, extraction and active-ingredient manufacturers work with cannabis, hemp, and other natural botanicals. He received his BA in International Business, Area Studies; Economics and Music from Rollins College. Matt is a Creative Marketer possessing experience with branding, industrial architecture, and advertising. Additionally, as a Partner at MacArthur Capital, LLP, Matt’s ground level work on advanced cultivation, supply-chain design, and technology advancement has fueled his passion as a Life Sciences Champion and contributed to the success of Vanguard Scientific. Anderson will deliver a global distribution network of integrated systems and solutions to meet the processing needs of the rapidly evolving Cannabis and Hemp industries through partnerships committed to market-leading standards, quality control, and training excellence.

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