Meet our Sponsors: Leafly

Meet our Sponsors: Leafly

Since it was founded in 2010, Leafly has been an industry leader dedicated to bringing the benefits of cannabis into the mainstream. Through our online presence and mobile app, Leafly provides tens of millions of visitors every month with a resource they can trust for everything from the latest industry news to deals at local dispensaries. The first cannabis company to advertise in spaces like The New York Times and Pandora Radio, Leafly is a seasoned partner that can help you connect and engage with your target market—and keep it growing.

Cannabis 101 and Beyond

Registered users and new visitors alike come to Leafly to better understand cannabis and learn about the best ways to add it to their lifestyle. Our constantly growing knowledge base provides first-class guidance to connoisseurs and the cannabis curious alike.

As regulations evolve around the world, new cannabis strains, accessories, and products are debuting at a breakneck pace, often leaving consumers with more questions than answers. Indica or sativa? Smoke or vape? Topical or transdermal patch? THC or CBD?

Leafly is a trusted resource that leverages the expertise of in-house cannabis gurus and journalists as well as the wisdom of the crowd to help consumers get to the heart of these crowded marketplaces and come away with the products and services that are right for them.

Our daily content, dispensary locator, and strain explorer make an impact on a wide array of users—men and women, boomers and millennials—who are looking to learn about the latest and greatest strains and products. They’re also among the most engaged members of the cannabis community; visitors who arrive via Leafly ask questions and shop around, spending 55% more time in a dispensary than customers referred by other services.

Meet Your Market

Whether you’re a dispensary looking to get discovered, a manufacturer aiming to make a splash with a new product, or an established business trying to introduce your services to a growing industry, we can help you get in front of audiences that are most important to you, at the time it’s most useful. Here are just a few of the ways we can help expand your reach.

Display Advertising

Display ads on Leafly are a great way to create brand awareness and capture the attention of our large and engaged audience of cannabis enthusiasts. Display ads on Leafly achieve twice the click-rate of ads on other cannabis sites, and since we never host more than two paid ads on a page, your message won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Social Media and Email

You can leverage Leafly’s diverse and engaged social media following to target users based on interest, usage patterns, and platform. Whatever the platform, Leafly can get your content in front of folks who want to see it, like it, and share it with their networks. We can also deploy targeted emails to present your message to interested consumers with an open rate that’s double the industry standard.

Sponsored Content

Everyone’s got a story, and we can help tell yours with sponsored content that drives brand awareness. These one-time purchases translate to permanent visibility in articles crafted by the Leafly content team. Whether it’s an origin story, evergreen content that builds brand awareness, or something else entirely, we’re ready to collaborate with you to produce top-notch articles, infographics, videos, and more.

Leafly’s sponsored video content is a great option for brands looking to bridge the gap between advertisement and entertainment. Sponsored videos from Leafly Studios can showcase your brand in polished, shareable videos that slot seamlessly into our existing content ecosystem.


Everyone loves a party, and sponsoring an event with Leafly is an unparalleled way to foster positive brand associations and make a lasting impression. Whether you want to bring budtenders and entrepreneurs together to discuss the latest cannabis trends, show off new products at a Budtender Sesh, or go big with a national tour that brings your brand to excited audiences across the country, Leafly’s dedicated events team can create an experience that will be unforgettable for everyone in attendance.

Of course, while all of the above are great on their own, our partners get the most out of concerted campaigns that put every aspect of our suite of services to work. And if there’s something you want to do that you didn’t see above? Just ask us! Leafly’s content creators are always looking to collaborate on cool ideas and forge new partnerships. It’s how we stay at the very top of an industry that always evolving, and we can’t wait to see you there.

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