The Re-Education Process

The Re-Education Process

More and more people are turning their attention towards cannabis. It’s all over the news; every couple of weeks it seems that a new state comes online with a new medical program, or a new initiative in the cannabis space. Whether it’s a new application for cannabis medicine or a parent who serves jail time for trying to help their child or another multi-million dollar acquisition of a new company or technology new on the cannabis scene…

There’s a buzz.

With all that awareness, you might think that folks are finally getting real information – real answers to real questions. Well, we hope so, we really do. But we have a pretty unique perspective on this industry. We are keenly aware of the messaging that is out there. Just because it’s loud doesn’t mean it’s true.

We are amazed by the fundamental lack of understanding in this world about this plant and we see it as our duty to provide a counterpoint so that if we don’t, at the very least, help to push smart and compassionate policy forward, we try to not actively stand in its way.

We’ve realized something crucial over time – it’s not education that most people need, it’s RE-education. So many of us have been fed myths and flat out lies about the toxicity and danger of this plant since we were children. “It’s an addictive drug.” “It makes you stoned/ It makes you stupid.” “It may be okay for some people for medicine, but fundamentally it’s a bad and harmful drug.” We do what we can to really get in there (and out there) and share real, evidence based information about cannabis.

We put together this Re-Education page with these ideas in mind. This is a resource for you to learn, or unlearn at your leisure. This page is a collection of lectures, interviews and documentaries from people that are telling the truth. They’re not trying to sell you on anything but truth – and maybe a little justice. The ideas presented on this page are what we believe everyone should know about cannabis. So sit, back, grab a pen and paper and get ready to think differently about cannabis.

Welcome to your Re-Education. (Have a clip that you think folks must see? Add your vote in the comments below).

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