Frequently Asked Cannabis Questions

Frequently Asked Cannabis Questions

Is medical cannabis and medical marijuana the same thing?

As soon as people find out that you work in the cannabis industry, you’ve got to get ready for all kinds of questions. The inquires we get run the gamut; from the medicinal benefits of cannabis, to its legal status, to the process of procuring a license, to the ever popular “do you have any samples?” (No, I really don’t).   So, we are opening up a special section in our blog dedicated to answering YOUR cannabis related FAQs. If you’ve got a question you’d like to see answered on this blog…don’t be shy, shoot us an email or drop a comment below and we’ll be happy to prepare an answer just for you.

Our first canna-question: Is medical cannabis and medical marijuana the same thing?

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Yes, medical cannabis and medical marijuana are the same thing. We prefer to use the botanical name “cannabis,” because it promotes professional, medically oriented language, while terminology like reefer, ganja, grass, weed and bud smacks of “stoner culture.” Not that we’re judging… It’s just that we are serious about advancing the medical research and development of cannabis. And we are serious about getting this medicine regulated and into the hands of the patients that need it the most.

In order to be taken seriously, you’ve got to talk the talk. One of the biggest issues that interferes with progress is the perception of cannabis. There is a still a huge stigma looming over the plant and in fact, in most countries (Israel included) cannabis is not only an illegal drug, but a Schedule One Illegal Substance billed as a narcotic. So… we are very intentional about the language we chose. Therefore, the original, plant name “cannabis” is our nomenclature of choice. What do you call it? We’d love to hear your preferred terminology, send your ideas to: [email protected]

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