FAQ: Do You Promote Or Support Legalization Of Marijuana?

FAQ: Do You Promote Or Support Legalization Of Marijuana?

This week’s canna-question is brought to you from the city of Yokneam in northern Israel. And the question hits on a hot topic. It’s a question that we get a lot and we’re glad for the opportunity to respond.

Do you promote or support legalization of marijuana?

It’s funny that this question just came in, because we had just recently posted a video to our Re-Education page on our website of a former police captain who heads a reform for the legalization of drugs. The interview is amazing. The speaker is so intelligent and brings up so many important issues about drug use and about the failure of America’s “War on Drugs.”

After it was posted, our team had a big discussion. Not everyone was on board with the post. This was the first time we had actively promoted a message that outright advocated the legalization of cannabis (and other drugs). We’ve always taken a non-political stance. We’ve been very clear that our focus is on medical cannabis, not recreational or what the kids are calling “Adult” use. We are about patient advocacy and medicalization, we’re about research and evidence based medicine.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t each have our own, personal views on things. So here’s the answer to your question Mr. Yokneam. As a company, iCAN does not promote the legalization of marijuana, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone of us as individuals who would stand in its way. Helpful?

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