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Cannabis use in the US is growing 35% year-over-year with more states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis. To meet the demand dispensary owners are in need of top talent. Budtenders are educated team members responsible for helping patients and customers understand products and medicines. Budtenders need to learn the science of cannabis, the legal landscape, and what can and cannot be said to patients and customers. Whether you’re an actual or aspiring Budtender, you can start learning online today with our Cannabis Consultant course. 

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Reprinted with permission from The Cannigma.

Although Cannabis remains a Schedule I Drug under U.S. federal law, as of the start of 2020, 33 states — and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico — have medical marijuana programs, giving legal access to 2/3 of Americans. Eleven of those states and DC also have adult-use cannabis laws on the books. Due to the lack of knowledge of the legality of discussing medical marijuana, physicians, nurses and pharmacists are hesitant to discuss with their patients.

The Fine Print

Enrollment in these online course allows you to start and stop at any time. Students who complete certifications and/or coursework will have permanent access to their student dashboard and can review materials at any time. If in the future, you want to review any information, simply log-on to your dashboard and revisit the content.

Medical Marijuana 411 provides medical marijuana online courses, consultant certifications, ailment specific courses and our focus is to offer our audience of physicians, consultants and those wanting to understand medical marijuana further, the necessary foundation of scientific research for medical marijuana and cannabis education.

To contact Medical Marijuana 411 about the courses or your purchase, in the U.S. 1 (844) 411-0500 or email:[email protected]

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